Enjoying your stay in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country in South Eastern Asia, and it spans over 7000 islands. This is a thing that makes the place inherently fascinating – and nature is known to be a bit rough here. There are around twenty active volcanos in the place, and there are some areas where there are typhoons and rough weather.

But if you think that what we said above is a reason for you to never visit this country – then you’re very wrong! The Philippines is an inviting place where you can have a blast no matter who you are.

First of all, we recommend you to visit Boracay. This is a very small island in the Philippines, but it’s a very popular tourist resort. And the chief reason for this are the beautiful white beaches that are located here. There’s one popular 4 km beach where there are many different restaurants and hotels ready to take you in. Also, there’s always a party on the island so it’s certain that you will have a blast.

Regardless if you’re a religious person or not, you still have to visit the glorious San Agustin Church in the capital of Manila. This is an awe-inspiring building built during the Spanish colonial rule, and it has stood the test of time. The story goes that the first two churches that the Spaniards have built during their stay were made of wood, and both have burned in fires. So they made the third church, the San Agustin Church, of stone. And as such, it has withstood the test of time and it has survived several hard earthquakes. Either way, it’s a beautiful place and it will leave you at a loss for words.

And if you wish to look at nature unabashed, then you have to see one of the remaining active volcanos, called Mayon Volcano, to be found on the island of Luzon. It’s a perfectly symmetrical volcano, in the shape of a cone, and it’s a beauty to behold. Not to say that it isn’t dangerous – there are frequent evacuations of the surrounding villages and towns because of the immanent activation of the volcano. But either way, it’s a beauty that needs to be seen.

The Philippines have a lot more to offer, and we recommend you to visit this country as soon as possible.

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